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The perfect vitamin and grooming kit for your dog and cat


Set of three products for a beautiful healthy coat, well-groomed paws and nose, strong bones for dog and cat.

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Order the perfect vitamin and paw care kit for your dog and cat.

You will find products in the set:

Omega 3-6-9 from wild salmon with vitamins

Take care of your dog or cat’s beautiful and healthy coat and skin with daily use of Omega 3-6-9 oil from wild salmon. Our oil is ideal for dogs and cats, especially those with skin problems, hair loss, dry skin, allergies or dandruff. In addition, it supports your pet’s immune system and reproductive ability. The fatty acids in our oil also help fight antioxidants, keeping your pet’s health at the highest level.

Shea paw and nose butter for dog and cat

In variable weather conditions, your dog’s and cat’s pads need special attention. Our Shea Butter by Pet Lover is the perfect solution. Our unique formula is based on natural ingredients, containing shea butter and aloe butter, rich in natural extracts that provide comprehensive care all year round. Suitable for your pet’s delicate skin, our shea butter is formulated for natural and safe care. It perfectly moisturizes, regenerates and protects dry and cracked skin and also regenerates calluses.

Vitamin D3K2+calcium

Vitamin D3K2 combined with calcium, sourced from the highest quality raw materials. Our formulation, available in drop form, provides countless benefits. Our drops have a delicate taste, so your dog and cat consume them with pleasure. Easy to feed – can be added directly to the muzzle or to the food. Provide your dog and cat with comprehensive health and wellness support with our vitamin D3K2 with calcium.

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Vitamin and care set for dog and cat: Omega 3-6-9, Vitamin D3K2+calcium, shea butterThe perfect vitamin and grooming kit for your dog and cat
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