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About us

Pet Lover is a Polish brand that was established Out of love for Our Domestic Pets.

We love animals and care about both their health and well-being, and we reach their hearts…by way of the stomach! Pet Lover products are designed for dogs and cats, and are an ideal supplement to a balanced daily diet.

Vitamin C

Supports the proper functioning of the immune system

Protects cells from free radicals

Contributes to the proper functioning of the nervous system

Helps in the proper production of collagen

Vitamin D3K2+calcium

Vitamin D maintains normal muscle health

Vitamin D helps maintain normal blood calcium levels

Vitamin K maintains normal bone health

Vitamin K contributes to proper blood clotting

CBD oil 5%

reduces stress

improves quality of sleep

increases physical activity

Natural protective butter for paws and nose

moisturizing and lubricating properties

protective properties

nourishing properties

regenerative properties


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